What Does "Serverless" Mean?

What Does "Serverless" Mean?

What Does "Serverless" Mean? In the simplest terms, a serverless system is a way to build an application without having to manage the infrastructure. It reduces administration & maintenance.

In this article, we debrief what “serverless” means. We’re starting to see more and more technology become serverless, but do we really know what it means or why it’s growing in popularity? Let’s look into this.

One author states that:

Serverless computing is an execution model for the cloud in which a cloud provider dynamically allocates—and then charges the user for—only the compute resources and storage needed to execute a particular piece of code. Naturally, there are still servers involved, but their provisioning and maintenance are entirely taken care of by the provider.

Another article describes:

Serverless architecture refers to a kind of illusion, originally made for the sake of developers whose software will be hosted in the public cloud, but which extends to the way people eventually use that software. Its main objective is to make it easier for a software developer to compose code, intended to run on a cloud platform, that performs a clearly-defined job.

Finally,  another author claims that serverless doesn’t really mean one thing, but that it encompasses two overlapping areas. Originally the definition of serverless was a broad generalization, but the term has evolved into a more precise definition like the second point below:

1) Applications that incorporate third-party, cloud-hosted applications and services, to manage server-side logic and state.

2) Applications where server-side logic is still written by the application developer, but, unlike traditional architectures, it’s run in stateless compute containers that are event-triggered, ephemeral, and fully managed by a third party.

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