Object-Oriented JavaScript — Class Basics

Object-Oriented JavaScript — Class Basics

Easier way to create constructors.

JavaScript is partly an object-oriented language.

To learn JavaScript, we got to learn the object-oriented parts of JavaScript.

In this article, we’ll look at the basics of classes.


ES6 brings many useful features that helps us create objects more easily.

If we’re familiar with class-based languages like Java, then JavaScript classes should look familiar.

But JavaScript classes are syntactic sugar over its prototypical inheritance model.

Before ES6, we can only create constructors.

function Person(name) {
  if (!(this instanceof Person)) {
    throw new Error("Person is a constructor");
  this.name = name;
Person.prototype.eat = function() {

We have the Person constrictor with the this.name instance property.

And Person.prototype.eat is an instance method. Then we can create a child constructor that inherits from the Person constructor by writing:

function Employee(name, job) {
  if (!(this instanceof Employee)) {
    throw new Error("Employee is a constructor");
  Person.call(this, name);
  this.job = job;
Employee.prototype = Object.create(Person.prototype);
Employee.prototype.constructor = Employee;
Employee.prototype.work = function() {
  // ...

We create the Employee constructor that calls the Person constructor with the name argument. Then we set this.job to job . And then we create the prototype of Employee with Object.create .

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