Is PHP Still Relevant to Build Websites in 2021

There are many websites in the world of the internet. Nowadays many websites and web applications are springing up that are providing multiple uses to users and visitors, providing with value-added benefits when it comes to information search. Imagine the internet at the super express highway where traffic runs and people are picked and dropped to the destination. With over 88% of the web being powered by PHP, it goes without saying that PHP will continue to be used and powering the web with different web applications and websites.

PHP has long been used as the go-to language when it comes to any kind of web development or server side development. But with different tools and techniques as well as frameworks that are available to us nowadays, do we feel that PHP is still relevant, especially in the modern age where we can program and develop websites easily and efficiently. Let’s deep dive into what PHP has to offer us and how we are able to leverage the benefits provided by PHP.

Here are the various advantages and benefits that you would get when you use PHP in your web applications and website designing project.

Open Source
PHP is open source in nature, and this means there are no expensive licences of subscription fees for you as a developer or a designer to use PHP in your web development projects. You will be able to use PHP to the fullest limit as long as you want. There are no expensive licences or any kind of fees to be paid when it comes to using PHP for web development projects. anyone or everyone is entitled to using PHP for their own benefit and advantages.

Easy to Learn
PHP easy language to learn. This means that web developers and designers who have little to no experience using PHP can easily be able to master PHP and pick it up in the fastest way possible. The PHP syntax resembles English like statements, which increases the readability of the code for everyone. due to this nature it becomes absolutely easy for many developers and designers having little experience can master this language pretty easily and efficiently

Many Applications use PHP
As we all know that about 88 % of the web is powered by using PHP. This is an indicator that strongly suggests that PHP is here to stay for a long time to come. with over 88% of the web using PHP successfully for their web development projects. PHP comes in a variety of flavours and Systems that it is useful for powering the web. Various content management systems such as wordpress, Drupal, Magento, etc make use of PHP, to provide value to the users through various web development projects using PHP.

Safe and Secure
PHP is known for its safety and security that it provides web developers and web designers. No one is able to hack or intrude into a PHP based system as it is highly secure in nature, which values the user’s privacy, and confidentiality. Any developer or designer can use PHP to build robust and Secure systems that power the web and provide information to users.

Can be used for both client and server side applications
PHP is used for a wide variety of applications that includes both client side and server side web application development. Due to this nature PHP has a wide variety of uses when it comes to any kind of web development or web designing process. Maintaining PHP applications as well as providing your features and functions is a breeze when using PHP. and therefore it goes without saying that PHP has a wide variety of uses in different applications.

Cost effective development
PHP promotes reusability, this helps developers and programmers to reuse the code that is returned for other applications thereby helping them to manage their coding efforts efficiently and effectively. The cost associated with PHP development is less compared to other development structures. PHP designing provides companies and organisations an efficient way to manage the development process using PHP.

Platform independent
PHP is designed from the ground up to be able to be put to use as a cross platform language. What this means is PHP can run on any platform be it Windows, Mac or Linux, even mobile operating systems such as Android and IOS support PHP language. Because of this nature, it enables PHP to be cross platform in nature, and enables developers and programmers to create awesome applications using PHP language. all you need is a browser to render PHP documents, be it on the server side or on the client side.

Conclusion: So you see that PHP is dynamic in nature with a wide variety of applications and features that it provides to many developers and designers. because of this coding and development using PHP becomes very easy to manage and handle.

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Is PHP Still Relevant to Build Websites in 2021

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