How Does DeFi Exchange Uniswap Works?

How Does DeFi Exchange Uniswap Works?

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  Defi is decentralized finance, an open-source financial sector, and it avoids central control like banks, which is a blockchain-powered system, and it is very secured and trusted. It has various advantages than traditional finance. On the Defi lending /Borrowing Platform, it provides interest as returns and governance token as complementary on utilizing the Decentralized Finance.

Distinguished Features of Decentralized Finance   · Open-Source · Transparency · Global Audience · Permissionless · Interoperability · Flexibility   What is Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Exchange?   Defi DEX Exchange is a trading platform that allows to exchange and trade of crypto coins in peer to peer ecosystem without any third party. The Defi token can be acquired and exchanged with both fiat currency and alternative cryptocurrencies. 

Let us see the popular DeFi Exchange Uniswap

What is Uniswap?

Uniswap was created in November 2018 by Hayden Adams, an Ethereum Developer, with the help of Noah Zinsmeister and Dan Robinson. Uniswap is the most popular DeFi Exchange, it has a large trading volume of $263M, which accounts for 95% of all DEX trading. Uniswap mainly operates on Ethereum, and it has 38,000 daily active users to swap Ethereum tokens.

Uniswap Liquidity Pools

In Uniswap, all the ERC20 tokens are under exchange contract with the Smart contracts. The trades are executed with the help of Smart contracts efficiently without depending upon the prices of crypto assets. The sellers and buyers exchange the tokens on basis of the smart contracts.

How Does Uniswap DEX Work?

Uniswap Dex is decentralized exchange protocols that enable users to swap their Ethereum tokens securely. It works with the help of Smart Contracts,  Uniswap uses the Constant Product Market Maker which is also known as Automated Market Maker (AMM). Automated Market Makers are the smart contracts or liquidity pools that hold the liquidity reserves that traders can trade. Users can be a liquidity provider who finances those reserves by depositing an equal value of two tokens in the pool. Finally, the traders pay a fee to the pool that is distributed to liquidity providers based on their shares to the liquidity pools. Thus, the functions of Uniswap follows the formula X * Y = K.

Uniswap DEX Features

These are Exchange features supported by the Defi Based DEX platform Uniswap


The remarkable feature of Uniswap it won't limit the trade of any asset pairs, and With the help of Smart contracts, ERC 20 token trading on liquidity pools within a few minutes.


The Uniswap exchange where all its transactional data are stored in a decentralized manner. pricing is immutable as they are decentralized.

Flash Swapping

Uniswap allows users to withdraw the reserves of any ERC 20 tokens and execute arbitrary logic at no upfront cost, through flash swapping. Thus, in Uniswap you can make multi-layer transactions with free restraints.

Trading of any Ethereum Tokens

In Uniswap V2, the users can trade any Ethereum-based tokens, and liquidity providers able to consolidate any 2 ERC20 tokens as trading pairs.

No Custody for Funds

As Uniswap is DeFi decentralized exchange and eliminates central control, therefore it handovers the complete control of the digital assets to the users with help of smart contracts. 

No Order Book

No separate order books for fixing the price for tokens, instead it uses token ratio formulas for dynamic prices of the tokens.

Competitive Fees

It charges a 0.3% fee for each trading on its platform. This drives the trading fees on the platform to the Ethereum gas fees.

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How does DeFi Exchange operate?

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