Cloudflare Announces WordPress Caching - Free to $5/month

Cloudflare Announces WordPress Caching - Free to $5/month

Five dollars a month is a modest price to pay for improvements in speed, regardless if the WordPress site is a WooCommerce online shop or an informational site dependent on ad clicks. Speeding up a site is associated with higher sales and clicks, which means the service could more than pay for itself.

Shared Hosting Bottlenecks Solved Shared [hosting] has generally been more susceptible to slowdowns because of the burden put on server resources which can cause database lookups to slow down and sites to become less responsive.

Cloudflare states that shared server slowdowns are no longer an issue because of the APO technology. APO makes it virtually irrelevant that a site is on a shared host (called the origin) because the WordPress site will be served from Cloudflare’s edge that is located close to where the request for the web page is being made.

All of the speed related downsides of a shared host are mitigated by Cloudflare’s APO. That’s why sites can see an improvement of 72% in the Time to First Byte metric.

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