PostgreSQL 13 Features Distilled

PostgreSQL 13 Features Distilled

There are many features that have come with this new release but we've only covered some of the main ones listed on the PostgreSQL's official release. Parallel Vacuum of Indexing. Better Statistics for the Query Optimizer & Planner. Incremental Sorting. B-Tree Cost Optimization using Deduplication.

Just a couple of weeks ago, I wrote about MySQL 8.0 going GA on Google Cloud making its journey complete on all the major cloud platforms. MySQL 8.0 has been around for some time now. The open source database community was eagerly waiting for PostgreSQL’s the major release version 13. PostgreSQL is the second most popular open-source database after MySQL and is catching up with increasing adoption across all geographies and industries because of the inherent extensible nature. With AWS Redshift going the PostgreSQL route, world class geospatial support in PostGIS and the amazing set of core features, PostgreSQL is hardly a database that you can ignore.

A week ago, on 24th September, PostgreSQL 13 was released. There are many features that have come with this new release but we’ve only covered some of the main ones listed on the PostgreSQL’s official release.

Parallel Vacuum of Indexing

Vacuuming is a slow and tedious process but unlike other databases, PostgreSQL uses it to reclaim any unused space on disk. When vacuum is run on any given table, the indexes created on that table are also vacuumed. PostgreSQL 13 has introduced a feature where multiple indexes on a table can be vacuumed parallely.

The degree of parallelisation can be set using a data base variable called **max_parallel_maintenance_workers**. This should be set to the number of indexes that the table has.

This, along with a lot of other indexing improvements make this version of PostgreSQL 13 a lot more attractive. Maybe Uber will consider moving back to PostgreSQL after all, just kidding!

P.S. — Beware that this feature is not yet supported for autovacuum. There are a couple of other improvements for autovacuum listed here.

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