Hybrid or Native? The Inconclusive Debate

Hybrid or Native? The Inconclusive Debate

A native app is a smartphone application developed specifically for a particular mobile OS (think Objective-C or Swift for iOS vs. Java for Android and C# for Windows).

Every Computer Science major has had this debate with their fellow mates which would always constitute both Native and hybrid app developers bringing very strong points on the table, till all of them just give up on convincing the other and just go ahead with the app development themselves.

That's pretty much the best way to enter the debate, both Hybrid and Native have their own Pros and their own cons and with every passing day these two parallel lines seem to somehow take one step closer to intersecting each other

It is very essential at this point in time to understand the difference between these two types of apps :

Native App: A native app is a smartphone application developed specifically for a particular mobile OS (think Objective-C or Swift for iOS vs. Java for Android and C## for Windows).

Hybrid App: hybrid apps are built using open web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. That means anyone with a modern web developer skill-set can begin building an app using the hybrid approach.

Hybrid apps run in a full-screen browser, called a webview, that is invisible to the user. Users can access the native features of specific mobile devices (such as the camera or touch ID) through customizable native plugins without the core code being tied to that device.

Let’s say you are in the Black Mirror Interactive episode codenamed _Bandersnatch _and you have to choose either to the two approaches for app development, lets see how the episode would go on if you choose the Hybrid app and what you should expect. Don't worry we’ll later run through what happens if you choose Native app and see how that storyline pans out

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