What is the DeFi Lending/Borrowing Platform?

What is the DeFi Lending/Borrowing Platform?

Build your DeFi Lending/ Borrowing platform from the Osiz - A leading DeFi Lending and Borrowing platform development company, to provide efficiency for users to supply and lock their funds in the smart contract to get return interest.

In General, Cryptocurrency is commonly used among the global business markets, as it is efficient and secured by eliminating barriers in Normal currency. DeFi is widely adopting protocols among the Global peoples.

What is Defi?

DeFi- Decentralized Finance is a substitute for traditional finance is mainly-based on operating as decentralized finance eliminates central control like banks. Defi works over the blockchain technology to improve trust and efficiency. 

What is the DeFi Lending /Borrowing Platform?

In the DeFi lending/borrowing platform where the user can lend digital currency, and without any discrimination like nationality, religion, etc. The DeFi is a Decentralized Finance by eliminating central controlling authority like Banks, Mutual rights among the parties irrespective of any discrimination, and users possess the full control over their assets. The DeFi Lending /borrowing platform as a Blockchain-powered, to be highly secured and trusted among the users.

Lenders: The Lenders can Lend their currency/ digital assets via deploying Smart contracts. Lenders used to get interests in returns and tokens as complimentary gifts.

Borrowers: The Borrowers can get a loan from lenders by providing their digital assets as collateral on the platform within a fraction of seconds processing.

Smart Contract: The Smart contracts are self-executing program, on meeting predefined conditions described among the parties involved in the transactions.

Advantages of DeFi Lending and Borrowing Platform Highly secured as Blockchain-powered Quick and hassle-free transaction Smart Contract avoids disputes Eliminating Geographical barriers User has Full control over their digital assets Transparent

What is Traditional Lending/Borrowing?

In Normal lending/borrowing users depends upon the approval from the central controlling authority for their transaction and user don't have any direct control over their assets once it is held by central control like banks. 

Usually, peoples deposit their currency in banks, Banks has all rights over the currency, and it decides to whom it is lent. Another drawback is tedious proof validating work in the banks for a transaction like borrowing, etc. Banks authorities decide everything on the borrowing. There may be any pitfall for a particular person due to the human involvement in processing the borrowing procedures in the banks.

Drawbacks in Normal Lending/Borrowing 

Time-consuming Dispute due to human involvement Geographical barriers Discrimination due to various factors like race, religion, and nationality, etc Lack of transparency

Summing Up

DeFi- Decentralized Finance is adopted by the business markets among the global industries for their investments in secured Blockchain platforms working under the predefined smart contracts to handle the lender and borrowers' agreement. If you are in the idea of moving your business on the DeFi protocols, go for the best DeFi Lending /Borrowing Platform Development company.

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