A developer’s guide to Google Kubernetes Engine, or GKE

A developer’s guide to Google Kubernetes Engine, or GKE

Learn how to develop applications destined for GKE, and the benefits that Kubernetes brings to developers, in these blogs. A developer's guide to Google Kubernetes Engine, or GKE ... But Kubernetes is also beneficial to the software development side of the house.

When people think about whether or not to deploy on a container management platform like Kubernetes, the decision often comes down to its operational benefits: better resource efficiency, higher scalability, advanced resiliency, security, etc. But Kubernetes is also beneficial to the software development side of the house. Whether it’s improved portability of your code, or better productivity, Kubernetes is a win for developers, not just operators.

For one thing, as we argued in Re-architecting to cloud native: an evolutionary approach to increasing developer productivity at scale, Kubernetes makes it easier to adopt modern cloud-native software development patterns like microservices, which can give you:

  • Increased developer productivity, even as you increase your team sizes. 
  • Faster time-to-market - Add new features and fix defects more quickly. 
  • Higher availability - Increase the uptime of your software, reduce the rate of deployment failures, and reduce time-to-restore in the event of incidents. 
  • Improved security - Reduce the attack surface area of your applications, and make it easier to detect and respond rapidly to attacks and newly discovered vulnerabilities.
  • Better scalability - Cloud-native platforms and applications make it easy to scale horizontally where necessary—and to scale down too. 
  • Reduced costs - A streamlined software delivery process reduces the costs of delivering new features, and effective use of cloud platforms substantially reduces the operating costs of your services.

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