Stranger Things alphabet wall scene using vanilla JavaScript

Stranger Things alphabet wall scene using vanilla JavaScript

Recreate your own version of the spooky alphabet wall scene using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript

If you’re a Stranger Things fan like me then I need explain no further, you understand exactly what we are trying to make here right ? Recall Season One, Will vanishes but remains near his house in the other dimension, uses the Christmas lights set up at his house by his mother to warn her of the demons and tells her to RUN. If you’re not a Stranger Things fan, no matter how lucidly I strive to explain, you will not be able comprehend what’s so exciting about an alphabet wall. We shall try to recreate this wall using HTML5 and CSS3 to simulate as closely as possible the lights shown in the picture; we’ll have a text input field which takes a message as input, let’s say RUN and displays it on the alphabet wall as it occurred in the Stranger Things scene, that is, the light above R shines momentarily and goes out, then the light above U shines and stops, finally the light above N. JavaScript timers will be used to achieve such functionality.

For ease of display in Codepen, the alphabets from S to Z are not shown but commented out in code. To start constructing the alphabet wall, we need some Christmas lights. The lights need a wire on which to be strung.

<ul class="wire" id="setOne">

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