How to Create Tableau Data Alerts

How to Create Tableau Data Alerts

How to Create Tableau Data Alerts. Get notified about data anomalies before your boss gets a phone call from your client

When you have a suite of automated reports available to your business partners, you eventually get the dreaded call or email. “I was going to use this data for a meeting with the client, but it doesn’t look right.” Either the data has gone off the rails, the pipeline has broken, or there is just an explainable anomaly. It’s embarrassing to get the call when the issue is due to one of your broken processes. It’s better to be notified BEFORE you users see it. I will review how to set notifications within Tableau. Be the first to know.

Sometimes you need to set up a proactive alert. Nothing is wrong, yet…. but you want a heads up so you can keep an eye on the process.

If you follow my articles, you know I try not to bore with boring business KPIs (alert me when the call wait time exceeds 2 minutes, blah blah blah). Let’s set an alert for something fun. Suppose you have a continuous measurement of your Halloween Candy Bowl. Trick or treaters are coming, and you have purchased a variety of candy, and another family member is handing it out. Secretly, you really want one of the Snickers bars before they’re all gone. You also need to know when you’re about to run out of candy because you may need to find some emergency reserves in the pantry (PopTarts anyone?).

The Setup

I attempted to do this demo on Tableau Public, but I could not locate any place to set alerts on Tableau Public at this time. I had to switch over to Tableau Server. If your company uses Tableau, most likely, you can set alerts on the published worksheets.

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