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Jane Aglo


Why is NodeJS becoming so popular?

NodeJS is an open source JavaScript cross-platform runtime environment which is assembled on Chrome's V8 engine delivering blazing fast speed with high Performance.


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Hire NodeJs Developer

Looking to build dynamic, extensively featured, and full-fledged web applications?

Hire NodeJs Developer to create a real-time, faster, and scalable application to accelerate your business. At HourlyDeveloper.io, we have a team of expert Node.JS developers, who have experience in working with Bootstrap, HTML5, & CSS, and also hold the knowledge of the most advanced frameworks and platforms.

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How to Install NodeJS on Ubuntu 19.04

In this tutorial, you will learn how to install Node onto Ubuntu 19.04 Disco Dingo. We will cover installation from the default repositories and, for those wanting more recent releases, how to install from the NodeSource repositories.

Installing from Ubuntu
The Ubuntu 19.04 Disco Dingo repository includes NodeJS version 10.15. Like most packages found here, it certainly is not the most recent release; however, if stability is more important than features, it will be your preferred choice.

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Top NodeJS Mobile App Development Company in USA

AppClues Infotech is one of the leading NodeJS app development company in USA that offering excellent NodeJS development services for web app development. We provide customized and high-quality NodeJS app development services to clients for different industries with advanced technology and functionalities.

Our dedicated app developers have years of experience in NodeJS development and thus successfully deliver cost-effective and highly customized solutions using the robust JavaScript engine of NodeJS.

Why Choose AppClues Infotech for NodeJS Application Development?
• Fast App Development
• Real-Time Application
• JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) in your Database
• Single Codebase
• Lower Cost
• Built-in NPM Support
• Inexpensive Testing and Hosting

For more info:
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Arvel  Miller

Arvel Miller


Decoding Nodejs

The main goal of this blog is to explain the “Architecture of Nodejs” and to know how the Nodejs works behind the scenes,

Generally, most of the server-side languages, like PHP, ASP.NET, Ruby, and including Nodejs follows multi-threaded architecture. That means for each client-side request initiates a new thread or even a new process.

In Nodejs, all those requests from the clients are handled in a single-thread using shared resources concurrently as It follows the “Single-Threaded Event Loop Model”.



Event-Loop programming is a flow control in an application-defined by events. The basic principle of Nodejs’s event-driven loop is implementing a central mechanism that hears for events and calls the callback function once an event is turning up.

Nodejs is an event-loop that implements a run-time environment model to achieve non-blocking asynchronous behavior runs on Google Chrome’s V8 engine.

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Alayna  Rippin

Alayna Rippin


Hiring a Good NodeJS Development Team: How You Can do That?

The constant increase in the acceptance of technologies and online applications makes businesses think of expanding their customer base. To have a user-friendly app that will grab users’ attention and eventually boost your profits, you must go with popular technology and satisfy your needs. Node.js is one such technology. It tops the list of most used frameworks, libraries, and tools by 51.4% in early 2020.

If you want to have an app developed with such the latest technology, you will require an experienced team from the top Node.js development company. In this blog, we will go through a few things to help you choose the best Node.js app development team for your project.

Skills Required in the Node.js Development Team

With the increase in Node.js’ popularity, there are lots of Node.js development services providers available in the market. To choose the best is a difficult task. It would be best to look out for a proficient and skillful team to handle your project. Here are some of the required skills in the Node.js development team-

1. Soft Skills

Soft skills are essential when it comes to creating a successful app. Transparency, communication, and responsibility, and expertise are the three main attributes that are important when you are looking for a development team with the best soft skills.

The team of Node.js developers you choose for your project must be making pathways open. Weekly emails, calls, and instant chat must be conducted by the team to inform you of the on-going task. Besides this, it is also essential that the Node.js development team continuously updates their skills and knowledge and keep the app vulnerability free.

2. Hard Skills

When you are looking to have a scalable app for your business, there is no better choice than Node.js. Node.js development can offer apps that are lightweight, modern, and fast. Be it collaboration tools to social media or online streaming apps, Node.js can provide it all.

If you decide to hire Node.js developers, ensure that they closely follow the tech trends and regularly update their knowledge. The team must be current with JavaScript and know cloud computing platforms like Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, and AWS. If the team you hired is experienced, then it might be well-versed with SQL and NoSQL.

3. Approach

Any app development project’s success entirely depends on the team’s quality and the approach they follow to tackle the job.

  • Before Starting the Project

A good team of developers takes time to research and understand your market. Understanding your potential customers and knowing your business are the two most important things your team should work on before starting the project. Besides this, the team should have good communication skills and continuously keep in touch with you to discuss its requirements.

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