MERN Stack VS MEAN Stack- Which One To Choose? - Solace Infotech Pvt Ltd

MERN Stack VS MEAN Stack- Which One To Choose? - Solace Infotech Pvt Ltd

MERN stack Vs MEAN stack. Know the difference between MERN stack vs MEAN stack. What is MERN stack? What is MEAN stack? Benefits of MERN stack.

These days, the digital world is transforming at a high paced and we all are experiencing new technologies and new market demands daily. So only having a website or app for business is not sufficient for business growth. You should select the best tech stack for your project. Whether you are an IT expert or an entrepreneur, the selection of the right technology stack might be difficult for you. Selection of the right technology stack for your business will impact your future development also. So, should you employ either MERN stack or MEAN stack? Here we came across the comparison between MERN stack vs MEAN stack. Before digging into the comparison let us see the details of each one in detail.

What Is MERN Stack?

The MERN stack is a Javascript stack that’s created to offer a smoother development process. It comprises four open-source components that are MongoDB, React, Express and Node.js. Also it allows developers to work on back-end and front-end without any stoppage in the process. This tech stack provides an end-to-end framework to developers.

MERN Stack Components-

  • MongoDB- It is a No-SQL data store
  • ExpressJS- It builds on the top of NodeJS that deals with website’s back-end functionality and structure
  • ReactJS- It is a library that helps to build the user interface elements of single-page web apps.
  • NodeJS- It is a runtime context proficient in running Javascript

Benefits Of Choosing MERN-

  • MERN stack accepts the whole development cycle from front-end to abc-end using JS
  • It supports a model view controller(MVC) architecture for the uniform development process
  • It has an extensive set of testing tools
  • React library gives you access to high-end tools for building apps. Developers are free to use the library for designing their web apps.
  • Supports model view controller (MVC) architecture for a smooth development process.
  • Developers can use codes written on React on both browsers and servers. This JS stack gives the flexibility of making pages on the server when required.

What Is MEAN Stack?

MEAN is a free and open source Javascript software stack used to create leading web applications and websites. Important components of MEAN stack support programs written in Javascript. MEAN apps can be written in a single language for client-side and server-side execution environments.

MEAN Stack Components-

  • MongoDB- It is used to collect the data of back-end app as JSON files.
  • ExpressJS- It is a back-end app that operates on top of NodeJS.
  • AngularJS- It allows you to run code in the user browser
  • NodeJS: It is the runtime operation that executes Javascript on the back-end web application.

Benefits Of Choosing MEAN-

  • MEAN is great for real-time web apps
  • It is cost-friendly and so startups and SMEs can use MEAN
  • This technology is simple to switch between client and server
  • MEAN stack makes Isomorphic coding possible. With this, one can easily move code to another framework that is written in a particular framework.
  • Also, it is cloud-compatible and open-source. MongoDB helps to send cloud functions within the app by reducing the circle space cost.

MERN Stack Vs MEAN Stack- A Comparison

1. MVC Support- If you are going to develop an enterprise-level app, you should maintain a complete architecture. And so you can choose MEAN stack over MERN stack. This will give you the Model-View-Architecture support. But you can go with the MEAN stack if you will manage the code simply.

2. Performance- MERN uses React which updates the virtual DOM. Hence you can code apps rapidly by using MERN.

The MEAN stack uses Angular which updates the real DOM(Document Object Model). DOM acts as a programming interface for XML and HTML documents.

So, a single framework can not fulfill every business objective. You have to analyse each feature, match them with fast development requirements and select the best to get better results and accomplish your business goals.

3. Code Management And Upgradation- Know more at-[]( "")

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