Start Using Third Party Services!

Start Using Third Party Services!

I didn't really know anything about third party services (except databases), all I know is code anything that has logic in it or something you need to ...

Stop making things that were already created by others…

This might sound obvious to people who are already a professional developer more than a year or so, but I think junior developers or someone who is new to software development have not known or know little about this. I was just like that when I started my career as a back end programmer. I didn’t really know anything about third party services (except databases), all I know is code anything that has logic in it or something you need to store. I created things manually like storing logs, storing files, authorization, and so on (I don’t have any access to any third party service on my first job, so I don’t know if they integrate any).

This article is just giving you an idea of why you should use third party services instead of creating things on your own.

Disclaimer: This is based on my own experience and anything I wrote in this article is subjective and other people would have different opinions.

** I’m not getting paid by or is affiliated to any of the third party services I mentioned in this article. It’s was all the services I have used before and just an example to give the readers a better understanding.

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