How to Package Java Projects in Python Tar files

How to Package Java Projects in Python Tar files

How to Package Java Projects in Python Tar files. Well, before starting this article I should state that as a developer the situation which requires a language A project into language B…

Before diving into this article, I should state that — as a developer — any situation requiring placing a language A project into a language B package should occur very rarely. Most of the time it’s preferable to consider re-designing the interaction between various language components in these situations. But what if this situation is unavoidable? Open source projects such as Apache Flink and Apache Spark serve as examples. These projects have been written completely in Java but also have python modules available for those who don’t want to use the Java API.

However, Flink and Spark depend on Apache Hadoop so they don’t have a choice to write their code in a language other than Java. Also, the architecture is such that java code can’t be deployed in the cloud as an API and the python module can simply call the API as is the case with most database drivers.

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