A React Native Confirmation Code Field Compatible with IOS, android

A React Native Confirmation Code Field Compatible with IOS, android

A simple react-native confirmation code field compatible with iOS, Android.


A simple react-native confirmation code field compatible with iOS, Android.


Component features:

  • 🔮 Simple and tiny 1.55 KB. Easy to use;
  • 🚮 Clearing part of the code by clicking on the cell;
  • 🍎 Support "fast paste SMS-code" on iOS. And custom code paste for Android;
  • ⚡ TextInput ref support;
  • 🛠 Highly customizable. Can be used as masked TextInput;
  • 🤓 Readable changelog.


react-native-confirmation-code-field animated example react-native-confirmation-code-field mask example
react-native-confirmation-code-field unmask example
react-native-confirmation-code-field underline example
react-native-confirmation-code-field formatting example


yarn add react-native-confirmation-code-field

# For React Native 0.64.x and above
yarn add [email protected]

How it works

I use an invisible <TextInput/> component that will be stretched over <Cell/> components.

JSX structure looks like that:

// Root view (rectangle with a red border on 3d visualization below)
<View style={rootStyle}>
  // Each Cell element is result of a `renderCell` function (gray boxes)
  // Invisible Text Input with absolute position (gray rectangle with text '123')
  <TextInput value="123" />

3d layout of component

It needs to solve next problems:

  • When user pastes code from SMS on iOS issue#25
  • Better UX when user types fast, or system sluggish, characters might lost when component switching focus between <TextInput/>.

Basic example

I took a minimal implementation approach. It mean that this component provides low-level functionality so you can create incredible UI without tears 😭. I recommend you start with creating your own wrapper where you apply all styles and basic configuration.

You can use a ready-made solution out of the box:

import React, {useState} from 'react';
import {SafeAreaView, Text, StyleSheet} from 'react-native';

import {
} from 'react-native-confirmation-code-field';

const styles = StyleSheet.create({
  root: {flex: 1, padding: 20},
  title: {textAlign: 'center', fontSize: 30},
  codeFieldRoot: {marginTop: 20},
  cell: {
    width: 40,
    height: 40,
    lineHeight: 38,
    fontSize: 24,
    borderWidth: 2,
    borderColor: '#00000030',
    textAlign: 'center',
  focusCell: {
    borderColor: '#000',

const CELL_COUNT = 6;

const App = () => {
  const [value, setValue] = useState('');
  const ref = useBlurOnFulfill({value, cellCount: CELL_COUNT});
  const [props, getCellOnLayoutHandler] = useClearByFocusCell({

  return (
    <SafeAreaView style={styles.root}>
      <Text style={styles.title}>Verification</Text>
        // Use `caretHidden={false}` when users can't paste a text value, because context menu doesn't appear
        renderCell={({index, symbol, isFocused}) => (
            style={[styles.cell, isFocused && styles.focusCell]}
            {symbol || (isFocused ? <Cursor /> : null)}

export default App;

Download Details:

Author: retyui

Source Code: https://github.com/retyui/react-native-confirmation-code-field

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