Code generation for MPMG projects that use Laravel and VueJs tecnologies

Code generation for MPMG projects that use Laravel and VueJs tecnologies

Laravue Code generation for MPMG projects that use Laravel and VueJs tecnologies.


Code generation for MPMG projects that use Laravel and VueJs tecnologies.


composer require mpmg/laravue
php artisan laravue:install
php artisan migrate
php artisan passport:install



php artisan laravue:build <model>

Generates code for backend (Laravel) and frontend (VueJs) for model

Build with options
php artisan laravue:build <model> <-f|--fields>
Comand Description

Generates code for backend (Laravel) and frontend (VueJs) for model with fields <-f|--fields>


Supose we have the situation that users have posts and models are Users

Field Type Detais
id integer not null; primary key
name string not null
age integer nullable


Field Type Detais
id integer not null; primary key
user_id int not null; foreing key for users
text string not null
created_at datetime not null
approved boolean not null

Command for generate User model

php artisan laravue:build User -f name:s,age:i.n

Command for generate Post model

php artisan laravue:build Post -f user_id:i,text:s,age:i.n,created_at:dt,approved:b

Fields types and shortcus

Shortcut Generate Description
bpk $table->bigIncrements('id'); Incrementing ID using a "big integer" equivalent.
bi $table->bigInteger('votes'); BIGINT equivalent to the table
by $table->binary('data'); BLOB equivalent to the table
b $table->boolean('confirmed'); BOOLEAN equivalent to the table
c.4 $table->char('name', 4); CHAR equivalent with a length
d $table->date('created_at'); DATE equivalent to the table
dt $table->dateTime('created_at'); DATETIME equivalent to the table
de.5;2 $table->decimal('amount', 5, 2); DECIMAL equivalent with a precision and scale
db.15;8 $table->double('column', 15, 8); DOUBLE equivalent with precision, 15 digits in total and 8 after the decimal point;bar $table->enum('choices', array('foo', 'bar')); ENUM equivalent to the table
f $table->float('amount'); FLOAT equivalent to the table
pk $table->increments('id'); Incrementing ID to the table (primary key).
i $table->integer('votes'); INTEGER equivalent to the table
lt $table->longText('description'); LONGTEXT equivalent to the table
mi $table->mediumInteger('numbers'); MEDIUMINT equivalent to the table
mt $table->mediumText('description'); MEDIUMTEXT equivalent to the table
m $table->morphs('taggable'); Adds INTEGER taggable_id and STRING taggable_type
si $table->smallInteger('votes'); SMALLINT equivalent to the table
ti $table->tinyInteger('numbers'); TINYINT equivalent to the table
sd $table->softDeletes(); Adds deleted_at column for soft deletes
s $table->string('email'); VARCHAR equivalent column
s.100 $table->string('name', 100); VARCHAR equivalent with a length
tx $table->text('description'); TEXT equivalent to the table
t $table->time('sunrise'); TIME equivalent to the table
ts $table->timestamp('added_on'); TIMESTAMP equivalent to the table
tt $table->timestamps(); Adds created_at and updated_at columns
rt $table->rememberToken(); Adds remember_token as VARCHAR(100) NULL
.n ->nullable() Designate that the column allows NULL values
.df value ->default($value) Declare a default value for a column
.+ ->unsigned() Unsigned integer
.u ->unique() Unique field
.u+ unique[] Fields that are unique together


Please see CHANGELOG for more information what has changed recently.

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