Why you need a machine learning development platform

Why you need a machine learning development platform

Why you need a machine learning development platform. These platforms are particularly useful for those with less knowledge of ML algorithms, and they can be accessible to domain experts or software developers. Arguably, they are also useful for data scientists, as they allow for faster experimentation and fewer errors.

A machine learning development system can streamline individual algorithm processes and improve full pipeline management. Learn how with Algorithmia.

What is machine learning development?

Machine learning development is the process of developing machine learning algorithms and models. This can encompass setting objectives, collecting and preparing data, choosing evaluation protocols, and developing the overall model. All of these attributes must be ‘developed’ for accurate algorithms and proper machine learning (ML). But machine learning development can go beyond individual algorithms to encompass the development of a full pipeline and management system. This part of development is often coupled with a machine learning development platform.

What is a Machine learning development platform?

A platform geared around machine learning development is a software or system that helps develop single algorithms as well as the full ML process for your organization. Going away from a monolithic architecture, a machine learning development structure allows for splitting and reusing independent workflow parts as microservices. This can include connecting to data storage along with preparing the data; securing and deploying models; and pipelining different, proven pieces of your overall models to scale your portfolio.

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