Golang 101 : Looking at how Garbage Collector works

Golang 101 : Looking at how Garbage Collector works

Take a look at GC running visually

Quick Look at Garbage Collector

‌A simple program that creates a byte array of 100000000 elements and lets print the memory allocations.

package main

import (
func printStats(mem runtime.MemStats) {
fmt.Println("mem.Alloc:", mem.Alloc)
fmt.Println("mem.TotalAlloc:", mem.TotalAlloc)
fmt.Println("mem.HeapAlloc:", mem.HeapAlloc)
fmt.Println("mem.NumGC:", mem.NumGC)
func main() {
var mem runtime.MemStats
for i := 0; i < 2; i++ {
s := make([]byte, 100000000)
if s == nil {
fmt.Println("Operation failed!")
// adding time.Sleep so that GC finishes it works and print out the output to terminal

‌Understanding the code

There is a package in Golang standard library called runtimewhich contains alot of useful function like :

  • runtime.ReadMemStats(&mem)
  • runtime.GC()

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