Confessions Of A DevOps Engineer: Sprints

Confessions Of A DevOps Engineer: Sprints

In this tutorial, we will learn how to improve your sprints and common rookie mistakes to avoid. Take a quick look at Confessions Of A DevOps Engineer: Sprints.

On Sprint days we reflect on our accomplishments (or lack thereof) for the previous 2 weeks. It’s about 20 minutes before we jump on zoom and share our thoughts and reflect. I look at our board. I filter for my name, and I see the same tasks I started two weeks ago all “In Progress”.

I can easily justify why I wasn’t able to complete the sprint tasks. The justification always included something about requirements changing or some unforeseen roadblock or lack of data or some other “reasonable” excuse. My tasks are simply different than what everyone else is working on, right?

The truth is that my tasks are not that different than anyone else's. The only difference is my lack of experience. Experienced engineers can more accurately measure how long a given task will take and then complete the tasks accordingly.

Here I will try and describe some rookie mistakes I made and some pointers for creating tasks to complete during sprints.


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