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PyOneDark - Simple Text Editor

In this project I present to you a simple text editor that was made using the PyOneDark project that is available for download to all Patreon supporters!

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PyOneDark - Simple Text Editor
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Installing Atom Text Editor On Ubuntu Desktop

Atom Text Editor is a well known open source text or source code editor developed by GitHub. It allows users to deal with a built-in package manager, embedded Git control, syntax highlight, and more other features. Means, this tool can be customized and used for almost every purpose, and is available for Windows, OS X, and Linux distributions as well.

Features Of Atom Text Editor
As already mentioned, it’s developed by GitHub and includes wide range of features to allow users using it everywhere. Some of the features include:

  • Available to be used for Cross-platform editing, means it can be used on any OS platforms.
  • Built-in package manager allows you to search, install and create your own packages within its interface.
  • In-built auto completion helps to write coding faster than ever.
  • Used for browsing a file, project and even multiple projects in a single interface.
  • Offers a number of panes to compare and edit code across different files.
  • Allows to deal with find and replace feature.

How to install Atom Text Editor On Ubuntu
Installing Atom on Ubuntu Linux distribution is very easy and if you love this distro for your personal usage, then you might also love to have Atom installed on your desktop. And this article includes two helpful methods to install the app on your Ubuntu platform.

Approach 1: Install Atom with Packagecloud Repo

sudo apt update
sudo apt install software-properties-common apt-transport-https wget
sudo add-apt-repository “deb [arch=amd64] any main”

sudo apt install atom

Approach 2: Install Atom with Snap Package

sudo apt update
sudo apt install snapd
sudo snap install atom –classic

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Daron Moore


Hands-on Guide to Pattern - A Python Tool for Effective Text Processing and Data Mining

Text Processing mainly requires Natural Language Processing( NLP), which is processing the data in a useful way so that the machine can understand the Human Language with the help of an application or product. Using NLP we can derive some information from the textual data such as sentiment, polarity, etc. which are useful in creating text processing based applications.

Python provides different open-source libraries or modules which are built on top of NLTK and helps in text processing using NLP functions. Different libraries have different functionalities that are used on data to gain meaningful results. One such Library is Pattern.

Pattern is an open-source python library and performs different NLP tasks. It is mostly used for text processing due to various functionalities it provides. Other than text processing Pattern is used for Data Mining i.e we can extract data from various sources such as Twitter, Google, etc. using the data mining functions provided by Pattern.

In this article, we will try and cover the following points:

  • NLP Functionalities of Pattern
  • Data Mining Using Pattern

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Laravel 7 Full Text Search MySQL

Here, I will show you how to create full text search in laravel app. You just follow the below easy steps and create full text search with mysql db in laravel.

Laravel 7 Full Text Search Mysql

Let’s start laravel full-text search implementation in laravel 7, 6 versions:

  1. Step 1: Install Laravel New App
  2. Step 2: Configuration DB .evn file
  3. Step 3: Run Migration
  4. Step 4: Install Full Text Search Package
  5. Step 5: Add Fake Records in DB
  6. Step 6: Add Routes,
  7. Step 7: Create Controller
  8. Step 8: Create Blade View
  9. Step 9: Start Development Server

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Madelyn Frami


Mistakes I’ve Made When Coding With Text Editors

All the hilarious and dumb mistakes with their respective solutions.

We all made dumb mistakes when coding. And some of them were directly related to text editors. Now, I’ll outline the mistakes I made when using text editors and how these mistakes can be avoided. Here are the details.

Downloading extensions that I’ve never used

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I made the mistake when I downloaded my first text editor. Whatever I was learning at this moment, I’d just add the extensions without even using them. At this moment, I downloaded python, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript environments. To this day, I only used my text editor with JavaScript and Solidity for practical use.

How to avoid it?

It’s actually surprising when this mistake can be avoided easily. Firstly, choose the language and learn what extensions needed to make the language work on the text editor. The thing is; you need to filter out the extensions you’ll use. The rest is much more comfortable as there are no excessive extensions available.

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How To Add Summernote Editor In Laravel

In this tutorial I will let you know how to use summernote editor in laravel, In laravel or php many editors are available but today I will give you example of summernote.

Summernote editor is rich textbox editor, using summernote editor you can take many actions like, insert image, add tables, changes font style, add links, add snippet code and many more feature provides.

For summernote editor you need to add summernote js and css cdn, So, let’s start.

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