Custom Statistical Details of Data Frame With Python

Custom Statistical Details of Data Frame With Python

In this tutorial, we'll learn Custom Statistical Details of Data Frame With Python. You will regret if you ignore this article.

Statistical analysis of features in the data set

In this article, we will cover the custom-based descriptive statistical analysis with python. Although in python we can do this by just a one-word method i.e. describe(). But still what if we make our own function to generate a statistical report.The statistics we get from the described method are very useful but give minimum information. For example, the picture below shows the result from describe() method.

Statistical description from the with-in-built method. A photo by Author

Here, we can see the statistic analysis and this information seems like a box-plot. But, we don’t know about skewness and kurtosis. There is only one average value i.e. mean, if we want to see the comparison between mean, mode and median then we come up with a solution to have a custom report.

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