How To Improve User’s Dwell Time On Your Web Pages? - eGoodMedia

How To Improve User’s Dwell Time On Your Web Pages? - eGoodMedia

Ever wondered why certain websites rank higher with ordinary organic & non-targeted traffic? Simply because of the quality of the website. The quality of a website depends on multiple factors like secured URL, promising navigation structure, reliable information, engaging content & aesthetics of the website. So we can say user engagement plays an important role in the website ranking whether on Google SERPs or another search engine. The concept of Dwell Time is also based on the principle of user engagement. 

If you are able to retain your website visitors you can create an individual fanbase for your content & information. You can have some of the finest web pages hanging on the search engine results, however, you need to review the performance of each web page of your website. Read more:-

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How to Improve User’s Dwell Time on Your Web Pages? - eGoodMedia

A single web page with a bug can lead to a mixed content error on your website. Consequently, you can face a pointless bounce rate. Protect the Dwell Time of your website visitors. Read more:-...

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Web automation and web scraping are quite popular among people out there. That’s mainly because people tend to use web scraping and other similar automation technologies to grab information they want from the internet. The internet can be considered as one of the biggest sources of information. If we can use that wisely, we will be able to scrape lots of important facts. However, it is important for us to use appropriate methodologies to get the most out of web scraping. That’s where proxies come into play.

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We all know that we should use properly sized images instead of using full-size images and making them smaller with HTML or CSS. Full-size images are larger in size, sometimes megabytes instead of a few kilobytes. When you’re loading a page, this makes the load times take much longer, because all that information has to be served to the client.