Spring Framework Tutorial: Explore Spring Dependency Injection

Dependency injection - you can say this is one of the most powerful features that spring provides and that’s what makes it much popular these days. So this is the tutorial which will make you sound on the spring dependency injection concept.

in the earlier video we have covered about setter injection and constructor injection in spring and also we have understood how to inject primitive and string type values by using spring. Today we will be learning how to inject objects or reference type values by using spring framework.

if you haven’t seen my earlier video on the above topic, here’s the link for you

I will be configuring everything by using XML here and soon we will be doing everything in annotations as well.

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As I said Spring dependency injection is also an import feature of Spring IOC and if you are not aware of spring IOC then here is a complimentary video for you.


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Spring Framework Tutorial: Explore Spring Dependency Injection