Why is React not displaying any data?

Why is React not displaying any data?

I would like to display this on the page:

import React, { Component } from 'react';
import axios from 'axios';

I would like to display this on the page:

class ProjectDeatil extends Component {

constructor(props) { super(props);

this.state = { user: { name: '' } }; }


componentDidMount() {

const { match: { params } } = this.props;

axios.get(http://localhost:8000/api/project/${params.pk}) .then(({ data: user }) => { console.log( user);

this.setState({"User:": user });

}); }

I added her const

 render() {
     const{ user } = this.state;
return (

Then I tried displaying it again and it still didn't work

 <div className="col-md-4 text-white   animated fadeInUp delay-2s if " >
 <h1> Hello Dear</h1>

I also tried using django rest api and that also didn't work.


); }
} export default ProjectDeatil

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