How RN-Web Is Speeding My Workflow(a Quick Note)

How RN-Web Is Speeding My Workflow(a Quick Note)

In this tutorial, learn a quick note: How React Native (RN) Web Is Speeding My Workflow. So, let’s see my point of view on it.

Lockdowns and pandemic… It’s been a difficult time, isn’t it?

I’ve particularly lost part of the notion of the time … and today I just realize it’s just over one year since I’ve started to develop my application.

Since then, I’ve been doing a lot of trying and errors, talking to people and getting feedback, and during the last months, I’ve been realizing how to get to the final goal of my application.

And since then, I’ve been looking into creating a browser version of the app, but not exactly the same version as the mobile. I’m creating a recruiter platform.

But, there is a problem: How I can implement this browser version without creating a whole new boilerplate for it?

Since it’s launch, there is a criticism on React Native Web, because …. well there is already React, why should you create something like that? And today, I’ll make the case for it.

Just to clarify I’m not here to defend it, but at least make a case for all solo founders out there, it worth see if this can be useful for you.

So, let’s see my point of view on it.


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