5 Reasons to Learn TypeScript in 2020

5 Reasons to Learn TypeScript in 2020

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Starting from the very basic, Typescript is Microsoft’s open-source project which could be referred to as the superset of JavaScript. So, at the time of the economic crisis due to the coronavirus pandemic, the competition between the developers is getting really high and nowadays every computer science student is doing development. If you consider the following points it will help you in building a career in development and why TypeScript will give an edge to your career. When we generally pick any new language or technology we consider many points like its flexibility, how useful it is? What would be the future of it? etc. Instead of presenting only one side of the story or doctored facts, this article will solve all your queries related to TypeScript.

5 Reasons to Learn Typescript in 2020

1. TypeScript and JavaScript 

Firstly, let’s break one myth that most of the beginners have….why is JavaScript dying? Or will TypeScript outperform the scope of JavaScript? The answer to these questions is straight and simple that TypeScript syntactical superset of JavaScript i.e. each and every JavaScript project is fully functional in TypeScript which means that JavaScript and TypeScript could be considered as two faces of the same coin. It is really good to know the research the technology you are going to adapt but the most important part is to study complete facts instead of believing the myths.

When you start development using Typescript, most people ask that if the JavaScript codebase is still functional inTypescript then why do we need to code in TypeScript?

Okay, the ground reality why most of the companies use Typescript is that you can understand the future challenges which you may face in javascript but to tackle those challenges you need to use TypeScript. As we know that Typescript is robust and also called javascript with Type which means JavaScript does not include type in. If you are writing your code in JavaScript then you will not tackle with errors unless and until your code will be compiled and that really affects the efficiency of your code because javascript has a very huge library. So it becomes really hard not to make errors. While using TypeScript for the same you cannot make errors and if you do so you will be informed right at the moment which helps you to smoothly work with the coding stuff. You can focus on the logical and designing part. This makes building large projects less complicated and that’s why it’s one of the main reasons behind TypeScript is globally accepted. This is the main point you should keep in mind while deciding where you really want to go.

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