Mastering The Git Command Line

Mastering The Git Command Line

Mastering The Git Command Line. Use The Github Version Control System Like A Pro. Using Git properly on the system requires a set of configuration steps that makes the further workflow efficient and fast. Git push origin master. The first time we install Git on the machine we have to specify these 4 configurations.

Use The Git Version Control System Like A Pro

Configuring Git

Using Git properly on the system requires a set of configuration steps that makes the further workflow efficient and fast. The first time we install Git on the machine we have to specify these 4 configurations:

  • Name & Email: Every time we commit changes in a git repository our name and email are stored.
  • Our Default Editor: Setting the default editor matters a lot as, if you are working on a mac your default editor should be Vim, and you should only use that if you are familiar with its environment.
  • Line Ending: There are cases when we work in collaboration, because of different operating systems we have to define the_ Line Ending_ so that when we commit our changes there are no complication errors in our commit. For Example, on _**_Windows_ end of lines is marked with a _Carriage Return_ and _Line Feed (\r\n)_ but in the case of _macOS_ & _Linux_, it's just a _Line Feed(\n).**

To solve this issue we have to configure a file called core.autocrlf, where we specify the line endings. (Set this to true if you are on Windows and input in case of macOS).

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