Top Best Penetration Testing Certification Programs

Top Best Penetration Testing Certification Programs

Penetration Testing Certification is designed by the most upskilled professionals & is the best Pentest Training & Certification. The Pentest Training covers basic to advanced topics.

The growth of digitization has impacted our world, and most of us are now shifting our focus to using digital platforms to exchange information or transactions. While digital platforms do promise extraordinary performance and seamless working, at the same time, it has also resulted in a rising number of cases of data breach and threats. And hence, there is a growing demand for working experts who can assess the vulnerabilities of the system and propose the right solution. Usually, this falls under the umbrella of ethical hacking or white-hat hacking. The ethical hacker work does penetration testing to check whether or not the system is full-proof.

In the times to come, all the important exchanges will be on a digital platform, so there will be a rise in the demand for penetration testing expert . And hence, it becomes a lucrative career option. If you, too, are willing to become a penetration tester and want to make a career in ethical hacking, this is the right time to enrol for a penetration testing learning program. Some of the popular choices that you have will be highlighted ahead in the blog.

Best penetration testing certification programs:

  1. CEHCertified Ethical Hacker Certification- This certification program is perfect for beginners. It also has an option of 6 hours of the practical exam. Alpine Security offers this course and will adept you with all the latest developments in the field of penetration testing. You will get to know about the latest hacking techniques.

  2. CPTCertified Penetration Tester- This is also an entry-level program, and this program is offered by IACRB. This tests your knowledge of penetration testing with special content to Unix, Windows, and Linux vulnerabilities. This certification is valid only for 4 years, after which you need to get yourself recertified.

  3. Certified Expert Penetration Tester (CEPT)- This is yet another IACRB certification program. This test included a two-hours CEPT exam including 9 domains. It includes network attacks, network recon, pen-testing methodologies, Linux and Unix shellcode, reverse-engineering, exploit creation for Windows, Linux and Unix architecture.

  4. Certified Pentesting Expert- This certification program is offered by a renowned online learning platform, the Global Tech Council. This certification program focuses on special hacking techniques and methodologies that keep you adept with the latest developments in this technology. You will learn about the theoretical aspects of penetration testing and get to implement it in practical life scenarios.

These were some of the best penetration testing programs, and of these, the one offered by the Global Tech Council not only gives you knowledge but also does complete testing of your knowledge to ensure that you learn the concepts thoroughly.

There will be a growing demand for penetration testers in the times to come, and with the right certification program, you have a fair chance of growth. So, to know more about penetration testing, Connect with the Global Tech Council today.


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