Pulumi vs. Terraform — Hypergrowth in the Valley

Pulumi vs. Terraform — Hypergrowth in the Valley

In this tutorial, we will learn the differen between Pulumi and Terraform. Here is a Modern-Day Case Study of Silicon Valley-fueled Hypergrowth in Software

Pulumi is a Hypergrowth Silicon Valley Startup attempting to overturn DevOps

I’d like to start off by discussing Pulumi’s founding team. Eric Rudder, Chairman of Pulumi was a Senior Executive and career Microsoft employee, having been there since 1988. The CEO of Pulumi, Joe Duffy also spent a long duration at Microsoft, where he got to know Eric Rudder very well on the Midori program. Joe Duffy bills Pulumi as an open-source company, claiming open-source is Pulumi’s largest value-prop. Pulumi does not have a single mention anywhere on their website or branding about the culture of DevOps. There is a simple explanation for this.

Pulumi doesn’t buy into the DevOps ecosystem but instead seeks to own it

A look at Microsoft’s culture during Eric Rudder’s time there during the Microsoft antitrust suit reveals an archetypical style of business practices that did not seem to offend either of these tenured ex-Microsoft employees. That is the famous “Embrace, Extend, and Extinguish” internal strategy of Microsoft. Culture in business comes down from senior leadership at any company, and Pulumi at this point has shown no qualms with deploying this exact same strategy.


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