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Synapse ML: Simple and Distributed Machine Learning

Synapse Machine Learning

SynapseML (previously MMLSpark) is an open source library to simplify the creation of scalable machine learning pipelines. SynapseML builds on Apache Spark and SparkML to enable new kinds of machine learning, analytics, and model deployment workflows. SynapseML adds many deep learning and data science tools to the Spark ecosystem, including seamless integration of Spark Machine Learning pipelines with the Open Neural Network Exchange (ONNX), LightGBM, The Cognitive Services, Vowpal Wabbit, and OpenCV. These tools enable powerful and highly-scalable predictive and analytical models for a variety of datasources.

SynapseML also brings new networking capabilities to the Spark Ecosystem. With the HTTP on Spark project, users can embed any web service into their SparkML models. For production grade deployment, the Spark Serving project enables high throughput, sub-millisecond latency web services, backed by your Spark cluster.

SynapseML requires Scala 2.12, Spark 3.0+, and Python 3.6+. See the API documentation for Scala and for PySpark.

Table of Contents


Vowpal Wabbit on SparkThe Cognitive Services for Big DataLightGBM on SparkSpark Serving
Fast, Sparse, and Effective Text AnalyticsLeverage the Microsoft Cognitive Services at Unprecedented Scales in your existing SparkML pipelinesTrain Gradient Boosted Machines with LightGBMServe any Spark Computation as a Web Service with Sub-Millisecond Latency
HTTP on SparkONNX on SparkResponsible AISpark Binding Autogeneration
An Integration Between Spark and the HTTP Protocol, enabling Distributed Microservice OrchestrationDistributed and Hardware Accelerated Model Inference on SparkUnderstand Opaque-box Models and Measure Dataset BiasesAutomatically Generate Spark bindings for PySpark and SparklyR
Isolation Forest on SparkCyberMLConditional KNN
Distributed Nonlinear Outlier DetectionMachine Learning Tools for Cyber SecurityScalable KNN Models with Conditional Queries

Documentation and Examples

For quickstarts, documentation, demos, and examples please see our website.

Setup and installation


To try out SynapseML on a Python (or Conda) installation you can get Spark installed via pip with pip install pyspark. You can then use pyspark as in the above example, or from python:

import pyspark
spark = pyspark.sql.SparkSession.builder.appName("MyApp") \
            .config("spark.jars.packages", "com.microsoft.azure:synapseml_2.12:0.9.4") \
            .config("spark.jars.repositories", "https://mmlspark.azureedge.net/maven") \
import synapse.ml


If you are building a Spark application in Scala, add the following lines to your build.sbt:

resolvers += "SynapseML" at "https://mmlspark.azureedge.net/maven"
libraryDependencies += "com.microsoft.azure" % "synapseml_2.12" % "0.9.4"

Spark package

SynapseML can be conveniently installed on existing Spark clusters via the --packages option, examples:

spark-shell --packages com.microsoft.azure:synapseml_2.12:0.9.4 --conf spark.jars.repositories=https://mmlspark.azureedge.net/maven
pyspark --packages com.microsoft.azure:synapseml_2.12:0.9.4 --conf spark.jars.repositories=https://mmlspark.azureedge.net/maven
spark-submit --packages com.microsoft.azure:synapseml_2.12:0.9.4 MyApp.jar --conf spark.jars.repositories=https://mmlspark.azureedge.net/maven

This can be used in other Spark contexts too. For example, you can use SynapseML in AZTK by adding it to the .aztk/spark-defaults.conf file.


To install SynapseML on the Databricks cloud, create a new library from Maven coordinates in your workspace.

For the coordinates use: com.microsoft.azure:synapseml_2.12:0.9.4 with the resolver: https://mmlspark.azureedge.net/maven. Ensure this library is attached to your target cluster(s).

Finally, ensure that your Spark cluster has at least Spark 3.12 and Scala 2.12.

You can use SynapseML in both your Scala and PySpark notebooks. To get started with our example notebooks import the following databricks archive:


Apache Livy and HDInsight

To install SynapseML from within a Jupyter notebook served by Apache Livy the following configure magic can be used. You will need to start a new session after this configure cell is executed.

Excluding certain packages from the library may be necessary due to current issues with Livy 0.5

%%configure -f
    "name": "synapseml",
    "conf": {
        "spark.jars.packages": "com.microsoft.azure:synapseml_2.12:0.9.4",
        "spark.jars.repositories": "https://mmlspark.azureedge.net/maven",
        "spark.jars.excludes": "org.scala-lang:scala-reflect,org.apache.spark:spark-tags_2.12,org.scalactic:scalactic_2.12,org.scalatest:scalatest_2.12"

In Azure Synapse, "spark.yarn.user.classpath.first" should be set to "true" to override the existing SynapseML packages

%%configure -f
    "name": "synapseml",
    "conf": {
        "spark.jars.packages": "com.microsoft.azure:synapseml_2.12:0.9.4",
        "spark.jars.repositories": "https://mmlspark.azureedge.net/maven",
        "spark.jars.excludes": "org.scala-lang:scala-reflect,org.apache.spark:spark-tags_2.12,org.scalactic:scalactic_2.12,org.scalatest:scalatest_2.12",
        "spark.yarn.user.classpath.first": "true"


The easiest way to evaluate SynapseML is via our pre-built Docker container. To do so, run the following command:

docker run -it -p 8888:8888 -e ACCEPT_EULA=yes mcr.microsoft.com/mmlspark/release

Navigate to http://localhost:8888/ in your web browser to run the sample notebooks. See the documentation for more on Docker use.

To read the EULA for using the docker image, run \ docker run -it -p 8888:8888 mcr.microsoft.com/mmlspark/release eula

GPU VM Setup

SynapseML can be used to train deep learning models on GPU nodes from a Spark application. See the instructions for setting up an Azure GPU VM.

Building from source

SynapseML has recently transitioned to a new build infrastructure. For detailed developer docs please see the Developer Readme

If you are an existing synapsemldeveloper, you will need to reconfigure your development setup. We now support platform independent development and better integrate with intellij and SBT. If you encounter issues please reach out to our support email!

R (Beta)

To try out SynapseML using the R autogenerated wrappers see our instructions. Note: This feature is still under development and some necessary custom wrappers may be missing.


Large Scale Intelligent Microservices

Conditional Image Retrieval

MMLSpark: Unifying Machine Learning Ecosystems at Massive Scales

Flexible and Scalable Deep Learning with SynapseML

Learn More

Visit our website.

Watch our keynote demos at the Spark+AI Summit 2019, the Spark+AI European Summit 2018, and the Spark+AI Summit 2018.

See how SynapseML is used to help endangered species.

Explore generative adversarial artwork in our collaboration with The MET and MIT.

Explore our collaboration with Apache Spark on image analysis.

Contributing & feedback

This project has adopted the Microsoft Open Source Code of Conduct. For more information see the Code of Conduct FAQ or contact opencode@microsoft.com with any additional questions or comments.

See CONTRIBUTING.md for contribution guidelines.

To give feedback and/or report an issue, open a GitHub Issue.

Other relevant projects

Vowpal Wabbit


DMTK: Microsoft Distributed Machine Learning Toolkit


JPMML-SparkML plugin for converting SynapseML LightGBM models to PMML

Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit

Apache®, Apache Spark, and Spark® are either registered trademarks or trademarks of the Apache Software Foundation in the United States and/or other countries.

Author: microsoft
Source Code: https://github.com/microsoft/SynapseML
License: MIT License

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Synapse ML: Simple and Distributed Machine Learning

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Python Packages in SQL Server – Get Started with SQL Server Machine Learning Services


When installing Machine Learning Services in SQL Server by default few Python Packages are installed. In this article, we will have a look on how to get those installed python package information.

Python Packages

When we choose Python as Machine Learning Service during installation, the following packages are installed in SQL Server,

  • revoscalepy – This Microsoft Python package is used for remote compute contexts, streaming, parallel execution of rx functions for data import and transformation, modeling, visualization, and analysis.
  • microsoftml – This is another Microsoft Python package which adds machine learning algorithms in Python.
  • Anaconda 4.2 – Anaconda is an opensource Python package

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The truth is that most of the time, this is a lie, the prior knowledge you think you need is most of the time not required or is so big that even experts from the field don’t fully understand it. The Seek of this prior knowledge is a trap that will make you run in circles, which leads us to the next presumption.

The perfect condition, you can’t wait for the ideal environment or situation to get started, things will never be 100% ready, try and fail, then try again. It takes a lot of time to get good at machine learning; you won’t learn all at once and especially at the beginning.

Instead of trying to acknowledge everything before getting started, do a little bit every day; you can make significant progress by creating small things every day for a considerable amount of time. The perfect condition will never exist, do it in your path, be consistent with it, and the results will come.

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