Build a Solid App in React with Tripledoc

Build a Solid App in React with Tripledoc

Solid is a really interesting decentralisation technology. Using tripledoc you can quickly build apps that use a Solid pod as a data store.

On the internet your data is most likely your most valuable asset. With it, companies can deduce all aspects of what drives you and target their advertising efforts to change you into a consumer of their products or to change your opinions on subjects that matter to them.

You don’t own this data though. It exists in a multitude of silos across the various services, websites and apps you use and while you can access this data via a GDPR (or non-EU equivalent) request you won’t get all the data that company holds on you, just the data that falls within the legal obligation the companies have.

There are a number of projects and services available that look to gain back some of the control users have on their data and to build a decentralised version of the services, websites and apps that give users the same experience they love, while making it easier to control where their data goes and what information they see.

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