Baseline Application Performance In AKS

Baseline Application Performance In AKS

This article is going to be used as a jumping off point and be a little more on the simple side than the articles that will proceed this one. The idea here is to introduce you to general perf analysis and show you how you could manually accomplish it if you had to and or needed to learn how.

Understanding an applications resource consumption is vital to ensuring proper performance in a Kubernetes cluster. This is part 1 of 3 and we will focus on looking at our application at rest to understand the resource impact the application has without any load

Optimizing cluster performance isn’t something that is unique to the Azure Kubernetes Service. All the concepts and ideas in this article stretch not only to every cloud provider and K8 application but all applications in general.

There are three other articles I wrote that will help you understand why these concepts are important in Kubernetes. If you have not seen them they are:

Requests and Limits

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Resource Quotas

AKS Performance: Resource Quotas. Limiting resource consumption for… | by Chase Overmire | Dec, 2020 | ITNEXT

Limit Ranges

AKS Performance: Limit Ranges. Control the amount of resources your… | by Chase Overmire | Dec, 2020 | ITNEXT

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