Taking Control of Confusing Cloud Costs

Taking Control of Confusing Cloud Costs

As cloud adoption accelerates, it’s increasingly important that organisations are able to come to grips with confusing cloud pricing and take back control of budgets to optimise spending. This article looks at the source of confusion, how to get more clarity about costs and How Taking Control of Confusing Cloud Costs.

In an on-premise environment, you know what you’re spending on infrastructure; it involves an upfront capital cost. A transition to the cloud provides flexibility, access to a wide range of services, and the ability to delegate deployments, but can come at a cost (pun intended). Cloud pricing is unfamiliar and can be difficult to get to grips with, because you’re charged for individual items as you consume them. Without strong cost-management practices in your business, budgets can easily spiral out of control.

When teams start a new project in the cloud, budget management is typically far from top of mind for developers and delivery teams. This is how it usually unfolds: the CFO determines and oversees an overall budget. The product owner sets a go-live date for the project and is laser-focused on keeping everyone on track. Before provisioning resources for this new project, cost isn’t represented in terms of monthly budgets or overall cloud hosting cost expectations - just delivery timelines. Developers need resources and operators are busy trying to iterate and provision for their needs while staying on top of security. The most pressing priority is delivering a secure application by the deadline, not trying to understand confusing, complex cloud services pricing and utilisation.

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