How to Use CoreDNS Effectively With Kubernetes

How to Use CoreDNS Effectively With Kubernetes

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to use CoreDNS effectively with Kubernetes. Avoid DNS landmines on your Kubernetes cluster by better understanding CoreDNS

Avoid DNS landmines on your Kubernetes cluster by better understanding CoreDNS

We were increasing HTTP requests for one of our applications hosted on the Kubernetes cluster, which resulted in a spike of 5xx errors. The application is a GraphQL server calling a lot of external APIs and then returning an aggregated response. Our initial response was to increase the number of replicas for the application to see if it improved the performance and reduced errors, but as we drilled down further with the application developer, we found most of the failures related to DNS resolution. 

That’s where we started drilling down DNS resolution in Kubernetes.

This post highlights our learnings related to CoreDNS, as we did deep dive in process of troubleshooting.

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