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Janis Smitham


Control Structures - PHP for beginners - PHP Programming

Hi guys, welcome to my PHP course for beginners in 2020.

Do you want to learn PHP from scratch? In this course, I will be going through all the basics of PHP. I will show you how you could use PHP in HTML code, what variables and data types are, all the different type of operators, control structures, user functions and built in functions and what the super globals are and how you could use them.

After learning all the basics topics, I want to focus on databases using MySQL because we will be creating a login system after.

The main focus in this episode are control structures. There are multiple types of control structures in PHP. The first one that I will discuss is the “if” statement”, which is the most important one. It will allow conditional execution of code based on an expression. If the expression evaluates to true, the PHP code inside the curly braces will be executed. If it evaluates to false, the else statement comes in handy because whatever if inside the curly braces of the else statement, will be printed out.

The last control structure in this episode is the elseif statement. And this will only be executed if the “if” statement is not true. Then, it will check if the elseif statement is true or not.

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Control Structures - PHP for beginners - PHP Programming