The PubCon Schedule Progressive Web App

The PubCon Schedule Progressive Web App

The PubCon Schedule Progressive Web App puts the schedule in your palm, even when the conference Wi-Fi is failing you. This week I am speaking at PubCon Las Vegas.

This week I am speaking at PubCon Las Vegas. This is my first time to attend this event or any online marketing conference, so there is much to learn, experience and compare to my developer event experiences.

Being a seasoned veteran of conferences, one thing I know is important is having the schedule handy. You could carry around a printed schedule, but that is so analog.

Today everyone has a phone in their pocket that of course is a powerful computer. Each one of those phones has a browser, which can load any progressive web app. So, let's have a conference schedule application to make the schedule available to the attendees at all times.

That is why I decided to build a simple PubCon Scheudle PWA.

PubCon Progressive Web AppPubCon Progressive Web App

I did this for the Spring 2018 Philly Code Camp if you recall. This gave me a shell to work with, I just needed to the conference schedule data, which Brett gladly supplied.

So, in the margins of my time the past few days I have created a PubCon Schedule progressive web application.

PubCon PWA Features

The PubCon PWA has two types of data, sessions and speakers. The home page serves as a list of sessions. There is also a speakers page.

Each of these pages allow you to scroll through the list to find your favorite sessions and speakers.

Speaking of favorites...

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