Using a named capture groups causes a different match

Using a named capture groups causes a different match

Given Regex: ^(Start\.)?(.+?)(\.|\.\2)?(End)?$

Given Regex: ^(Start\.)?(.+?)(\.|\.\2)?(End)?$

Test Input: Start.Word.WordEnd

I get Word for Group "2":

However if I change the regex to also include a name for the captured group, I get a different result:

Regex: ^(Start\.)?(?<capturedGroup>.+?)(\.|\.\2)?(End)?$

capturedGroup is Word.Word

This is in .NET 4.7.2 (I also did the test in with the same result). Links:

first case:

second case:

I tested this in (set as PHP) and I get the expected result (both are Word), so I expect this to be a .NET issue? Please help.

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