Using Amazon CloudWatch Synthetics and Service Lens

Using Amazon CloudWatch Synthetics and Service Lens

Centralize your infrastructure and application monitoring with Amazon CloudWatch's most recent feature upgrades Synthetics and ServiceLens. Learn more here.

Real-time monitoring is invaluable in today’s market. Everyone is trying to deliver the best user experience, so there is a higher need for capable and reliable cloud services to support the overall performance of your app. Being able to monitor the entire cloud environment in real-time is a huge plus.

As a cloud service provider, Amazon provides its clients with Amazon CloudWatch, an integrated tool for real-time monitoring and metrics tracking. The introduction of CloudWatch Synthetics in November of 2019 brought real-time monitoring to endpoints. Synthetics allow for better monitoring of REST APIs, URLs, and other components.

Another update introduced earlier this year adds an extra layer of real-time monitoring to the equation. Today, you can use ServiceLens⁠—a new tool introduced in the latest update of CloudWatch⁠—to monitor services and applications directly. How do these two features work together in delivering a positive user experience?

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