Everything You Need to Know About iOS 14 Widgets

Everything You Need to Know About iOS 14 Widgets

Everything You Need to Know About iOS 14 Widgets.Static vs. dynamic widgets, smart widgets, intent donations, and more


After years and years of users demanding it, multiple jailbreaks offering this feature, and Android supporting them since the very beginning, Apple has finally jumped on the widget train. Users were relieved after the announcement at WWDC20 and developers were excited to download the Xcode 12 beta and start coding them.

This tutorial will cover:

  • A very brief introduction to Today extensions and their role in iOS 14.
  • Static widgets: Snapshots, timelines, placeholders, and more.
  • Widget bundles or how to support multiple widgets in your app.
  • Deep linking: Open a particular app screen from your widget.
  • Dynamic widgets: Let your users customize your widget through intents.
  • Smart widgets: Donations and relevance. Make your widget eligible for the Smart Stack.

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