Why I Taught My Daughter to Code

Why I Taught My Daughter to Code

In here, i want to show you the reason Why I Taught My Daughter to Code. Learning to code may not be the life skill that the people selling STEM kits say it is. But programming is a discipline that yields many rewards. And you can learn it on your own, at your own pace, and with computing devices you already own.

Let’s get one thing out of the way: You (or your children) do not need to know how to code. In fact, many of the products people will try to sell you in the name of code literacy are really just glorified games. They can be fun. You’ll probably learn something. But they won’t help you to write code any more than solving crosswords teaches you how to write a novel.

Maybe you think that understanding code is crucial because our world revolves around algorithms that are constantly making broad, life-shaping decisions for us, usually without telling us what they’re doing. And that’s true! But learning to write code is at best a complementary art to understanding the ways that technology rules our lives. If you’re coming from a non-technical background, you might get just as much insight — or more — from books that explain technologies like artificial intelligence, or reporting that studies the rabbit hole effect and filter bubbles. If you just want to understand how wafers of silicone and 1s and 0s eventually come to life as functioning hardware and, eventually, Fortnite, this book by legendary developer Charles Petzold lays it out without skipping the hard parts. But here’s the thing — knowing how to code is not necessary to explore these kinds of topics, and not knowing how to code is no excuse for ignoring them.


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