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Ready-to-use and scalable tinder clone - Appkodes

The dating app creates a magical world not only for youngsters but also for those who are looking for a life partner or interested in meeting new people.

If you think of becoming an entrepreneur by launching a dating app like tinder, you do not have to create your app from scratch.

We, at Appkodes, provide a readymade tinder clone script that helps entrepreneurs to arrive at an impeccable online dating platform.

Appkodes Howzu is a ready-to-use and scalable tinder clone solution that is pre-built with mind throbbing features such as options for like/superlike, audio/video call option, instant chat option, advanced filter option, etc.

Also, it has beneficial revenue-generating factors like Google Ads, and premium membership plans.

Therefore, set up your online dating business by making use of our astonishing tinder clone.

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Ready-to-use and scalable tinder clone - Appkodes

Tinder Clone | Best On-Demand Tinder Clone script

Tinder has emerged as a reliable platform for the modern generation as it provides a contemporary life to online dating culture. Undoubtedly it caught the attention of entrepreneurs and pushed them to deploy their custom-made Tinder like app for its monetary benefits and immense scope in the future. Tinder topped the charts and has become a global phenomenon in a relatively lesser time. It was released in 2012 and has over 100 million active users currently. With 5.2 million subscribers, Tinder shines as a reliable monetary source with $800 million as annual revenue.

It kickstarted the concept of online dating in the market and several entrepreneurs followed in Tinder’s footsteps. The facts from various verified sources are more than enough to prove its business prospects. Several entrepreneurs have laid eyes on this sector to grab their slice of the market with a Tinder clone app.

Here is the complete working process of Tinder.

Initially, users need to register their account on the platform to start swiping. They can seamlessly log in with their Facebook or Google account, thanks to the social media plugins integrated into the app.

Tinder finds the potential match for every user based on the details taken from their Facebook account. However, you can design your own match algorithm to offer a unique experience for your users. Discuss with your Tinder like app development team to implement it.

If the user is interested in a profile he/she can swipe right to like it or choose to swipe left to skip.

If both users like their profiles, they will get a notification for the potential match and can start a conversation.
Once they like each other over text, they can proceed forward according to their interests.

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Tinder Clone | Customizable Dating Script | On Demand Dating Apps

Tinder clone with trendy options,Tinder clone to help you widen up your business with exclusive and trendy options. Tinder Clone App Development for best services.Tinder Clone App Development with latest features to bring out the best of your services.

On-Demand Dating App with easy usability, On-Demand Dating App to help your customer find a match in just swipes. Create a Tinder clone to attract new customers, Create a Tinder clone to get into the trend and attract the many new customers.

On-Demand Dating Apps for the new generation
On-Demand Dating Apps development with smart and attractive features for the new generation.

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Algorithms used for matching in dating clone app like Tinder

Tinder is one of the well-known matching websites. It has more than 50 million users worldwide. The advertisements campaign on the well-known matching website starts over $5000. According to Techcrunch, it is one of the top-grossing non-game apps. In order to

Location Awareness: It’s always easy to find nice to make acquaintance with the people who live are near to users’ locations. The GPS service is one of the default permissions build an app like Tinder, developers need to be familiar with the matching algorithm. Here are some of the crucial aspects involved in algorithm development of an app like Tinder:
granted by the users when they start using the Tinder clone app. It uses this information to list suitable profiles.

Mathematical basis: Users answer a set of questions related to their preferences when they enroll in the Tinder-like app. These algorithms are used to find the similarities between the users and suggest matching lists accordingly.

Behaviour based-matching: Sometimes, people tend to provide inaccurate information, so the right matching is not possible. In that case, an app like Tinder uses data gathered from outside sources. Big data analytics are used to process these data-sets.


It is complex and time-consuming to build an efficient on-demand dating app. So entrepreneurs can get clone app solutions from leading app development companies like Appdupe.

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Acquire a customizable Dating App Clone Script with Appdupe’s Tinder Clone

Tinder is one of the easy-to-use dating apps that has made 55 billion matches so far since its launch way back in September 2012. It is available in more than 190 countries currently.

Some of the latest news related to the Tinder phenomenon is

  • Tinder Passport can be utilized by the users who have Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus subscriptions. It can be used for free throughout April 2021.
  • The top 5 cities where the highest number of swipes on Tinder were made are Los Angeles, New York, London, Paris, and Miami.
  • Tinder is all set to permit users to verify the background of their prospective dates on the app by checking their name and mobile number.
  • Tinder is offering 1000 free Covid-19 tests for users in partnership with Everlywell, a Texas-based online healthcare company.
  • 50% of Tinder’s users are in the age group of 18-25.

Entrepreneurs aiming to tap into the growing trend of online relationships can obtain the customized and feature-packed Tinder clone from an experienced mobile app development company.

The white label Tinder dating app clone script is a readily deployable solution and contains smoothly-working Android and iOS apps for the users, and a powerful admin panel.

The outstanding features of the Tinder Dating App Clone Script are

Availability of numerous subscription plans - There are three different subscription plans, Tinder Gold, Tinder Plus, and Tinder Platinum for the users. The benefits include unlimited likes, a rewind option, and no display of advertisements.
Easy swiping facilities - Users can either swipe left or right on the men and women they meet on the Tinder clone. They can get more attention by pressing the Blue Star known as the Super Like option.
A Boost mechanism - Users can stay on top of the Tinder content feed for 30 minutes a day by utilizing the Boost facility. One boost is offered for free per month in the three paid subscription plans.
Seamless communication options - Hassle-free interaction is ensured as users chat with their interested dates through private messaging, voice calls, and video calls.
Other features - The Tinder dating app clone script includes extra features such as a Block/Report option, instant sharing of notifications, access to an exclusive list known as “Top Picks” every day, and flexible filtering of dates according to age, gender, and location.

Final Thoughts

Tinder has undoubtedly transformed the dating scene forever giving users more control in their relationships. Acquire the cutting-edge White label Tinder clone app and receive a greater market share in the industry quickly.

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Why should an entrepreneur invest in a Tinder Clone?

In this digital era, finding dates online has become a cakewalk with the aid of dating apps. Apps like Tinder, Bumble, etc., have all proved highly successful and profitable for entrepreneurs. Tinder generates anywhere around $78.4 million in addition to user spending annually. If an entrepreneur can create a top-notch dating app that satisfies customers, he/she can enjoy the revenue from various sources.

In this blog, let’s discuss the reasons to invest in a Tinder Clone.

User engagement rates are very high: Anxious people look out for matches in the app. The more time the user spends on the platform, the higher becomes the revenue. A dating app experiences higher user engagement rates than any other platform.

Multiple monetization strategies: It is upto the entrepreneur to decide the monetization model in the Dating app clone script. With revenue from subscriptions, advertisements, third-party services, etc., entrepreneurs needn’t worry about the economy.

Enhanced sustainability: People will inevitably need a partner. This makes the app everlasting, allowing users to access the app whenever they need it.

Millennials prefer the online medium: Millennials are more exposed to online apps than any other generation. According to a recent survey, 48% of the US millennials, aged between 18 and 29 have used dating apps at least once.

The need for dating apps is more than ever. It’s high time entrepreneurs invest in this lucrative business opportunity. Avail of the Tinder Clone Script, make the necessary modifications and launch the app right away.

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