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Spring Boot interview Questions (Basic - Intermediate)

Spring boot is the hottest topic of discussion in interviews if it comes to Java Application development. Because of its fast, low configuration, inbuild server, and monitoring features, it helps to build a stand-alone java application from scratch with very robust and maintainable.

The article will walk you through the Spring Boot interview questions for basic to advanced level.

What is Spring boot?
Sprint boot is a Java-based spring framework used for Rapid Application Development (to build stand-alone microservices). It has extra support of auto-configuration and embedded application server like tomcat, jetty, etc.

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Interview Questions

  • Why Spring Boot over Spring?
  • What is the starter dependency of the Spring boot module?
  • What does the @SpringBootApplication annotation do internally?
  • What is the purpose of using @ComponentScan in the class files?
  • How does a spring boot application get started?
  • What is Spring Boot CLI and what are its benefits?
  • What is the use of Profiles in spring boot?
  • What is dependency Injection?
  • What is an IOC container?
  • How to disable a specific auto-configuration class?

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Spring Boot interview Questions (Basic - Intermediate)