Top And Easy to use Open-Source Image Labelling Tools for Machine Learning Projects

Top And Easy to use Open-Source Image Labelling Tools for Machine Learning Projects

Top And Easy to use Open-Source Image Labelling Tools for Machine Learning Projects. Image labelling is the process of manually or automatically defining regions in an image. CVAT is a free, online, interactive video and image annotation tool for computer vision.

_Having a good theoretical knowledge is amazing but implementing them in code in a real-time _ machine learning _ project is a completely different thing. You might get different and unexpected results based on different problems and datasets. So as a Bonus,I am also adding the links to the various courses which has helped me a lot in my journey to learn Data science and ML.I am personally a fan of _ DataCamp _, I started from it and I am still learning through _ DataCamp _ and keep doing new courses. They seriously have some exciting courses. Do check them out._

  1. Data-scientist-with-python
  2. Data-scientist-with-r
  3. Machine-learning-scientist-with-r
  4. Machine-learning-scientist-with-python
  5. Machine-learning-for-everyone
  6. Data-science-for-everyone
  7. Data-engineer-with-python
  8. Data-analyst-with-python
  9. Big-data-fundamentals-via-pyspark

Coming back to the topic -

1. CVAT(Computer Vision Annotation Tool) — 4525 stars

2. Label Studio — 3721 stars

3. VOTT(Visual Object Tagging Tool) — 3001 stars

4. LabelBox — 1507 stars

5. YOLO Mark — 1410 stars

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