Gokul  Krishnan

Gokul Krishnan


Create Music Player App using HTML, CSS & JavaScript | Svelte

In this video, I will show you how you can easily create simple music player app / audio player app using svelte i.e. HTML, CSS & JavaScript. This music player app is based on glassmorphism UI and this music player app provides play/pause, previous, next buttons along with song list tray.

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Create Music Player App using HTML, CSS & JavaScript | Svelte

Create Music Streaming App Like Spotify

Interested in music application development like Spotify? We at AppClues Infotech help to build online music streaming and podcast apps like Spotify for iOS and Android. Hire our best designers & developers to build your own music streaming app like Spotify with customized features & functionality.

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Ajay Kapoor


How to Create a Free Music App like Spotify? Solution Suggest

Music is something that completes our lives. Don’t you think so? Now, with the advent of technology, the physical recording has become a thing of the past. Today, 86 percent of users are listening to music using on-demand streaming services.

Did you know? According to stats, the revenue in the music streaming segment is projected to reach the United States $23,053 million by the end of 2021. It is expected to show an annual growth rate of 9.69%, resulting in an estimated market volume of US $33,372 million by 2025.

These figures show how big the music streaming market is. The demand for music has changed with the advancement of internet connection speed. And this results in the increasing popularity of music streaming apps.

With over 75 million users, Spotify is the most popular of them all. The app has a lot of users, significant revenue figures, and even paid customers. If you want to make a music app like Spotify, then this article is for you. I’ll give you a comprehensive guide on how to make an app like Spotify. You can take the help of mobile app development company in India for app development.

Read the full blog here: How to create app like spotify

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anita maity

anita maity


Sidebar Menu Using Only HTML and CSS | Side Navigation Bar

how to create a Sidebar Menu using HTML and CSS only. Previously I have shared a Responsive Navigation Menu Bar using HTML & CSS only, now it’s time to create a Side Navigation Menu Bar that slides from the left or right side.


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Harry Patel

Harry Patel


A Complete Process to Create an App in 2021

It’s 2021, everything is getting replaced by a technologically emerged ecosystem, and mobile apps are one of the best examples to convey this message.

Though bypassing times, the development structure of mobile app has also been changed, but if you still follow the same process to create a mobile app for your business, then you are losing a ton of opportunities by not giving top-notch mobile experience to your users, which your competitors are doing.

You are about to lose potential existing customers you have, so what’s the ideal solution to build a successful mobile app in 2021?

This article will discuss how to build a mobile app in 2021 to help out many small businesses, startups & entrepreneurs by simplifying the mobile app development process for their business.

The first thing is to EVALUATE your mobile app IDEA means how your mobile app will change your target audience’s life and why your mobile app only can be the solution to their problem.

Now you have proposed a solution to a specific audience group, now start to think about the mobile app functionalities, the features would be in it, and simple to understand user interface with impressive UI designs.

From designing to development, everything is covered at this point; now, focus on a prelaunch marketing plan to create hype for your mobile app’s targeted audience, which will help you score initial downloads.

Boom, you are about to cross a particular download to generate a specific revenue through your mobile app.

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Samanta  Moore

Samanta Moore


Create a Music Player using Java [Source Code Included]

Java music player is a simple classic mp3 player which has features like playing selected mp3 music files, pausing the music, resuming the music, and stopping the music. The music player is used daily by all types of users. Music helps users to create a fresh mind, inspire life, and also boost the mind of the user.

Java Music Player Functionalities

  • Play the mp3 music.
  • Pause / resume the music.
  • Stop the music.

Project Prerequisites:

  • IDE Used: NetBeans 11.2 (You can use eclipse ide)
  • Java should be installed on the machine.
  • To build an mp3 music player using java we require basic knowledge of java.
  • Abstract Window Toolkit (AWT) & Swing packages are standard graphical user interfaces used to render graphics. By default, these packages are installed by java.
  • Jlayer library is required for performing music functions such as play, pause, resume, stop. Jlayer is an open-source library we need to download from the internet.

Download Music Player Java Code

Please download the source code of java music player project: MP3 Music Player Project Code

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