Should You Use Pre-Made Templates in Your Website Projects?

Should You Use Pre-Made Templates in Your Website Projects?

Should you save some cash and go with a template or go all out with a custom site? ... site pages when you can find those already made and ready for you to use. ... will view each website design project as a custom project (as it should be).

I want to write a little bit about using pre-existing themes or templates in your projects as a developer. It could be an HTML CSS template for Front-End of your application or website or a WordPress theme. The reason for this is because someone asked me what I thought about using pre-made themes or templates in their portfolio or asset portfolio. Going into this would be like writing a whole other article dedicated to the types of project to include in your developer portfolio. In this article, I am just going to answer this subject as it is.

Many beginner developers have had this at some point at the beginning of their journey. The best answer is to not go for it. Sounds pretty simple, right? It is not. If you have the UI skills to create something that looks decent, I think you should give yourself a shot and create something from scratch. It might not look as good as the template. Guess what, it does not have to. I think creating something from scratch is worth it. Uniqueness stands out in the eyes of a potential recruiter. It is the best way of establishing your brand out there as something that you built.

I think that your portfolio is your best project up until you get hired or up until you figure out what you are going to do. So if you have the skills, then start from scratch. I know UI is not every developer’s forte. For such developers, it is okay to use a template cautiously. Try to customize it as much as you can. Before going further down the rabbit hole, please take all of this with a grain of salt. Everything I decide to write is my own opinion derived from my own experience.

For freelancers, templates can be useful because clients almost always never know what they want. It is usually better to give them templates as options or ask them to provide sample templates that they would wish to be customized. I think that is the best way to use a template.

Another reason for using a template is that, when you are running a company, every single second of your day counts, time is money. It is not just a cliche saying. Using a template in a particular project can cut down the time it takes to get a project up and running. I definitely would not recommend using one for every single project, at least in my opinion. It is your responsibility to inform your clients about all the options they have, before commencing work on their project. In a lot of cases, they would choose the template route because it is a cheaper way to go.

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