Building ‘Human-Centric AI’ for Secure and Liable Future

Building ‘Human-Centric AI’ for Secure and Liable Future

Building ‘Human-Centric AI’ for Secure and Liable Future. EU’s framework on AI includes rules on safety, liability, fundamental rights and data, with the facility to not affect the growth of technology in European AI market.

European Union’s regulations on AI draw a line between development and exploitation

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is widely heralded as an ongoing revolution transforming science and society together. The shift towards automated decision making (ADM) and AI are predicted to change society beyond recognition. However, AI is in immense need of guidelines as it could turn an unauthorised application harmful.

Applications of artificial intelligence like machine learning, deep learning, neural network and big data are reshaping data processing and analysis. Autonomous and semi-autonomous systems are being increasingly used in a variety of sectors including healthcare, transportation, manufacturing, education, business, etc. Ultimately, AI is invading every sector possible. At the time of its powerful transformative force and profound impact across various societal domains, the debate on its principles, values and ethics sparks a ray of rage and fear.

Governments and joint committees across the globe are trying a figure a way out of the fear. Even though when developments of AI today look amplifying, it has the ability to turn harmful if victimised at bad hands. Henceforth, it is safe to have rules and regulations that project a framework on what AI and its technologies should and shouldn’t do. The provided rules must uphold fundamental rights, ethical aspects, regulatory safeguards and liability. It should protect the democratic societies and citizens as users and consumers.

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