How to Generate Test Reports in NUnit

How to Generate Test Reports in NUnit

In this tutorial, you will learn about generating reports in NUnit along with some new features and advantages of Extent Reports.

Test reports are an integral part of any activity related to testing, whether it is automation testing or manual testing. Test reports help track how the activities related to automation testing have evolved over a period of time. The same principle also applies when using NUnit/xUNit/MSTest for automated browser testing. Of the lot, NUnit is the most-used test automation framework for all .Net languages. NUnit reports can serve as a considerable value addition to the tests performed using the said framework.

Let’s look at NUnit report generation and how seamlessly you can integrate the NUnit reporting tool in the test implementation. As far as Selenium C## is concerned, Extent and Allure are the preferred NUnit reporting tools. Both are third-party tools that have to be installed from the NuGet gallery, either from the Visual Studio UI or using the Package Manager Console commands.

Extent Report is a more popular NUnit report generator. By the end of this blog, you would be comfortable integrating Extent Reports in the Selenium C## test implementation. So, let’s get started.

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