The Mega Full-Stack Web Development Resource Guide

The Mega Full-Stack Web Development Resource Guide

A human-readable guide with ~600 links on topics covering everything from HTML to React to The Cloud.

Why Is This Guide A Thing?

I have a meticulously organized digital life.

My computer’s file system allows me to track down any photo, video, or document I’ve created during any month over the past 13 years.

My Google Drive is similarly organized to keep track of documents such as the high school resume I used to get my first job or the documents I made for every single class during my 5 years of college.

And, importantly for this post, I have a Chrome bookmark system that allowed me to stay organized and learn computer science/software engineering after a sudden change of direction in my last 2 years of college.

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Contained in these bookmark folders are links to hundreds of resources ranging from artificial intelligence to development tooling. This catalog of resources allowed me to organize my thinking as I learned new topics and to ultimately collect some incredible content that was instrumental to my learning during college.

Now, as a recent graduate, I want to pass on some of those resources that were so helpful to me. My hope is that those in their own process of learning might find something useful in all of this just as I did.

About This (Long) Guide

As hinted via the title above, this guide is focused on full-stack web development resources.

This is due in part to an effort to limit the scope of this guide, but also because I’m really passionate about the internet and what it has to offer — it’s quite a festive place.

In addition to simply providing an organized list of links, I’ve included high-level explanations of each topic and how it fits into the world of full-stack web dev. I’ve also included some of my own thoughts and personal recommendations (denoted by 🔥) for some of the resources.

It’s my way of highlighting those resources which have been invaluable to me and an opportunity to give some plain-English insights/information that might be helpful to those learning about these topics.

I hope you enjoy it!

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