Agroic - Reforming Agri Living

Agroic - Reforming Agri Living

Web site created using create-react-app

🌱Agricultural Web Application for University Project Built with Reactjs + Expressjs + Nodejs + MongoDB (MERN)💻 Features ChatBot Seller Profile Add/Delete Products Edit Profile Add/Edit Personal & Company Address Farmer Profile Add/Delete Grains Edit Profile Add/Edit Address Buy Seeds/Pesticides or Rent Machines Buy Loan & Credit Card Consumer Edit Profile Add/Edit Address Buy Materials From Farmer Payapal Gateway Cart Page Change Quantity Remove Product from Cart Page and much more Usage ES Modules in Node Used ECMAScript Modules in the backend in this project. Be sure to have at least Node v14.6+ or you will need to add the "--experimental-modules" flag.

Also, when importing a file (not a package), be sure to add .js at the end or you will get a "module not found" error

You can also install and setup Babel if you would like

Env Variables Create a .env file in then root and add the following

NODE_ENV = development PORT = 5000 MONGO_URI = your mongodb uri JWT_SECRET = 'abc123' PAYPAL_CLIENT_ID = your paypal client id Create a .env file inside frontend and add the following

REACT_APP_GOOGLE_KEY = "add google map api key" Install Dependencies (frontend & backend) npm install cd frontend npm install Run

Run frontend (:3000) & backend (:5000)

npm run dev

Run backend only

npm run server Build & Deploy

Create frontend prod build

cd frontend npm run build Seed Database You can use the following commands to seed the database with some sample users and products as well as destroy all data

Import data

npm run data:import

Destroy data

npm run data:destroy

Download Details: Author: SanjulaD


Source Code:

react redux agri mern

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